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Welcome To Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Panama City Beach !

Welcome To Petticoat Junction Amusement Park !

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Welcome To Miracle Strip Amusement Park !

How about a ride on the Famous Big Eli Wheel found in Miracle Strip on Panama City Beach. It's Easier than you think. An exact replica of the original 1975 Eli Bridge Company Ferris Wheel is now running here in Pier Park on PCB. Details on this fantastic Ferris Wheel and more are in our Pier Park Section. 

The Original Big Eli Ferris Wheel In Miracle Strip Amusement Park!

The Miracle Strip Ferris Wheel Offered A Lifetime Of Memories To Many & You Can Enjoy It In Pier Park Today!

Many enjoyed the ride of their life in the original Official Miracle Strip Amusement Park as featured on this site. The millions of smiles can't be wrong on how much fun you could have on Panama City Beach!

Have The Time Of Your Life At The Original Miracle Strip Amusement Park!

Would it be that Miracle Strip Park was such a great place that many would want to live right here in Miracle Strip Park ?

They Hoped You Liked Miracle Strip So Much You Would Want To Live Here !

Instead of having to take the magical family entertainment of Miracle Strip Park back Home. You Could Have Just Made Miracle Strip Your Home With Miracles Resort Park !

Let Me Guess Your Fortune, You Are Going To Have A Lot Of Fun At Panama City Beach !

Panama City Beach Is Loaded with Great Arcades Even Today !

Can You Get The High Score On This Pinball Machine ? Match & Get A Free Game !

Can you beat the Lighting Quick Fast Draw of the mechanical gunslinger game here on Panama City Beach? These were a popular part and quite the thrill for many on the The Strip!

Step Up And Draw Against This Gunslinger If You Thnk You Have What It Takes To Win! Skeeball is great fun too!

How about some good old fashioned skeeball fun. Can you put the skeeball into the center ring on the skeeeball lanes?

Old Miracle Mile Vacation Photos Really Wanted & Appreciated!

Do you have your own supply of Miracle Strip Amusement Park or Petticoat Junction Amusement Park in your own vacation photos from your great times at these special parks ? We would love to share them on our site for generations to come to enjoy. We would especially like to get photos of the western gun fight scenes from Petticoat Junction or the train ride they operated.

We than the Johnson Family from Ohio in sending your family photo albums that helped make some of this section possible.

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Miracle Strip Park

Panama City Beach, Florida

Created in March of 1963, This park would change the shape and history of Panama City Beach, Florida forever. Running for better than 40 years and entertaining generations of happy park visitors.

Bring Your Family To Enjoy All The Attractions The Miracle Mile Strip On Panama City Beach Could Offer!

The Miracle Mile On Panama City Beach was quickly becoming a World Icon and would attract Millions from Around The World to enjoy it's own signature brand of affordable fun.

Do You Wanna Go Faster ?Hang On To Your Lunch Because We Are About To Drop Fast !

The Musik Express Is About To Go Faster, Hang On Tight!Fast Rides, The Beach & Everything You Need For The Ultimate Florida Beach Vacation Is Waiting For You On The Miracle Mile Resort Area!

People would come from around the Country and even the World to Panama City Beach with visions in their eyes of the great times ahead with Miracle Strip Amusement Park and the Sugar White Sands Of Panama City Beach. They would often load the Family into the station wagon and fill up their gas tank with gasoline that cost about .30 Cents per gallon back when Miracle Strip Park opened and head for all the fun that awaited them here at the Miracle Mile Beach Resort area featuring the soon to be World Famous, Miracle Strip Amusement Park.

We Are Headed To Panama City Beach !

Millions could not wait to buy cheap flip flops, t-shirts, inflatable rafts or shark's tooth necklaces and stay in motels or hotels that offered "Telephones", "Air Conditioning", or that great household amenity "Color TV" outfitted with the New World Wonder of "Cable Television" when they arrived at Panama City Beach.

Many would check into their great hotels close To Miracle Strip & Petticoat Junction on panama city beach and enjoy the great places with new modern features like kitchen efficiency units, cable TV, Air Conditioning and more!

Choose Your Luxury Accomodations On The Miracle Mile At Panama City Beach!

Popular Hotels & Motels of the time included the Admiral Imperial Inn, Sky Way Motel, Inn Paradise, Mara Vista Motel, The Famous Luxury High Rise Sands Inn, Larkway Villas, Sand Dollar Inn, Peeks Motel, Chateau Motel, Fontainebleau Terrace Hotel, Summer Breeze Motel, Palmetto Inn Motel, Aqua View Motel, Bikini Beach Resort, Beach Club Motel, Coconut Grove Motor Inn, Cooks Motel, Dixie Belle Motel, Eagle Inn Motel, Miracle Strip Beach Motel, Monterey Motel, Osprey Motel, Pier 99 Beachfront Motel, Sea Foam Motel, Sea Witch Motel, Sun Dial Motel, Tropicana Motel, Days Inn, Holiday Inn plus many more great affordable spots ready to accommodate these visitors to the Miracle Mile Resort!

Come Stay Near Miracle Strip For All The Fun In Your Choice Of Modern Hotels & Motels !

They would learn when they arrived here in Panama City Beach, We had not one, but two cool amusement parks. Miracle Strip Park with the well known Starliner Wood Roller Coaster & it's rival Petticoat Junction Amusement Park.

The Tornado Roller Coaster At Petticoat Junction Amusement Park.The Starliner Roller Coaster At Miracle Strip Amusement Park !

This second park also had a large and soon to be famous Wood Roller Coaster known as the Tornado. This park also opened in 1963 and would have a nice run offering an Old Western Theme with a Wild West Shootout Show & Ghost Town Theme Train Ride among their attractions. This park also had Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. An overhead supported rail ride carrying you through interesting magical fantasy scenery. The Wacky Shack with the ball on a rail that rolled uphill or so it seemed in a tilted room. You could go on what appeared to be a swinging bridge you walked across and the it felt like the bridge was spinning in the room when the opposite was actually true. This effect has been of course replicated in many parks around the World today.

All Aboard The Steam Powered Locomotive For The Train In Petticoat Junction, Check Out The Real Western Gunfights Happening Nightly At The Ghost Town With Real Cowboy Shootouts!

While Miracle Strip was obviously much more popular between the two parks the Petticoat Junction, Tornado Wooden Roller Coaster had a huge following and offered its own brand of fun with the Western Theme Ghost Town with various entertainment offered. Now we are back to Miracle Strip Amusement Park with a look of more of the fun rides!

Wave Swing Action Here At Miracle Strip Park !So Many Great Rides & Attractions To Be Enjoyed By All !

You could sit in the bumper to bumper traffic on front beach road and hear the buzzers, bells, whistles and sirens from the games or attractions or music, screams and laughter of the patrons of Miracle Strip Amusement Park and it's rival Petticoat Junction and their Tornado Wood Roller Coaster plus surrounding competing attractions. Miles of go-cart, dune buggy tracks, Mini & Goofy Golf Courses (The Original Goofy Golf is still here with us today.)  and arcades offering Pinball, Foosball, New Modern High Tech Floating Puck Airhockey Tables, Mechanical Armwrestling Machines, Skee Ball Games, Western Gunfight Draw Games and Zoltar, Zoltan, Genco & other Misc. Mechanical Fortune Teller Machines lined the beach on Hwy 98. Ahh times were great and life was simple. Miracle Strip's Admission Prices were true affordable Family Fun !

These were the Admission Prices. A bargain by today's standards !

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Miracle Strip Amusement Park would be so successful. To accommodate these large crowds. They would open a second Amusement Park in the Summer of 1983 designed as a water park and it would be named Shipwreck Island. These parks seemed to give the Miracle Mile Resort Area an almost infinite tourism drawing power from many places for all the low cost family fun to be had here on the strip on Panama City Beach. You can visit the Shipwreck Island site today and get the park hours of operation schedule information, specials, coupons and everything needed for your Family Vacation here in Panama City Beach.

Shipwreck Island Water Park, This Place Is Fun !

Panama City Beach was known as the Miracle Mile and great times were had by all. It was also known as the Redneck Riviera due to the quantity of cheap tourist establishments and things to spend money on aka "tourist traps" in the Panhandle area of Florida.

As we move up to modern times and into the cyber age. We had witnessed the explosion of the Internet and our nation was rapidly expanding with real-estate sales of all types. Real Estate Sales were basically on steroids and America was in transformation and taking on a new shape. The locals and municipalities of P.C.B. desperately wanted to shed the image of the Redneck Riviera. The City wanted to begin to earn what they felt these properties were truly worth and what they felt they should be making since this was in fact Premium Beachfront Property. It was decided to loose the Miracle Mile Image also known in slang as the The Redneck Riviera. The transformation would be marketed as The Emerald Coast" due to the Blue/Green color of the waters depending upon the time of day. The pressure began to mount on current business operators of the day and unfortunately this park along with others in the area's days of operation would be limited.

Many of the yesteryear attractions could no longer keep up with new requirements and regulations imposed on their new image identity. The Emerald Coast properties were expected to become World Class and so were the many struggling tourism operators of the day who made their living offering value priced family fun rather than the premium properties they were supposed to become. This result was inevitable. Most of these attractions went by the wayside.

What was tourist entertainment attractions has now become fairly high rise tourism condos whom their owners desperately hope that you will buy offering almost every high end real estate amenity known to man. The feeling was "Don't worry about cost. The Rich Will Come In Droves To Buy All Of These New Luxury High Rise Developments".

Come Get A Condo Near Miracle Strip !

The Lights of Miracle Strip began to fade a bit and the "new" crowds seemed less interested in faster and Exciting Amusement Rides, Cheap Steak Dinners, T-Shirts, Flip Flops and Velvet Elvis Paintings and they became more interested in Exclusive Golf or Polo Clubs, Sipping Latte' and other High End Amenities to be offered on the Emerald Coast Area or so the locals and developers thought. (Or Wished)

What was Petticoat Junction Amusement Park would close and have it's last days in the year of 1984. It would remain dormant for nearly a decade. Another ambitious fast growing company with stars in it's eyes would become interested in the property on and nearby where Petticoat Junction Amusement Park Existed and they wished to offer Panama City Beach a new modern attraction strategically located for the beach area that everyone would need and they would come to visit in force. This new beach attraction was expected to be a great employer for P.C.B. Everyone was lined up to work here. This new attraction was expected to be so popular that it would need to be open 24 hours a day to accommodate these new crowds who would be coming to partake in the new fun and upscale image on Panama City Beach. This new attraction very near where Petticoat Junction resided would have more bright lights for the area than ever before. It would offer Free Parking and be staffed with many "Smiling Faces", Oh and it would be named Wal-Mart. You might have heard of this attraction in your own town. This was the new Star to occupy the premium location pretty close to where Petticoat Junction entertained for 21 great years is here and ready to greet you today with their "Smiling Faces" staff.

Of Course Panama City Beach Now Has A Wal-Mart !

Our other big park of the time would survive another 20 years entertaining many only to accept an offer made by a company that would call themselves Miracles Resort Park and Accepted by Miracle Strip Amusement Park for their "premium location real estate" and this would seal the fate of the World's Cherished Florida Beach Panhandle Amusement Park.

A promotion was launched by Miracle Strip Amusement Park that the park was closing and this would be your very last chance to visit this famous slice of history. Closure of the Miracle Strip Amusement Park was cited as due to waning revenues with current economic downturn and rising expenses with operating in the area and escalating property values creating excessive pressures on the business. The crowds came in force full of spirit as the park celebrated their last days of operation.

The good news to many was that the other half of Miracle Strip Amusement Park and operated by the same which was called Shipwreck Island would continue to survive and still operate even today. You can come enjoy this last slice of the Miracle Strip history today if Water Park fun is your game. Shipwreck Island is here and entertaining thousands.

The inevitable worst was then to happen. Miracle Strip Park Closed on September 5th, 2004 after entertaining Over 20 Million Happy & Smiling Visitors here on the Miracle Mile and was Sold By William Lark To Become Miracles Resort Park offering Luxury Condos. The original intent of the plan was to preserve some of the park's rides and incorporate these into the new design preserving the nostalgia and warm memories of Miracle Strip Amusement Park for generations to come.

So What Exactly Happened With Miracle Strip & The Miracle Mile Resort ?

CLICK HERE for the answer & conclusion of this section.

Top O The Strip On Panama City Beach Offers The Best View On The Beach and Great Affordable Family Dining Too!

The Top O The Strip shown above served affordable restaurant & diner style foods to hungry Panama City Beach visitors. The Top O The Strip served as an iconic landmark on Panama City Beach for decades opening in April of 1966 serving millions until ultimately facing destruction damage in 1995 from Hurricane Opal where it would see its last days. The base of the Tower housed both a restaurant & gift shop where you could get your Panama City Beach, Miracle Strip or Miracle Mile T-Shirts, Inflatable Rafts, Swimwear and swimming gear such as mask to see in the clear water, Swim fins snorkels and various beach gear etc. Basically everything one needed for their beach vacation!

Great Food and The Best Best View on Panama City Beach would be offered here on the now World Famous Top Of The Strip Observation Tower equipped with high power telescopes to look anywhere on the beach you could imagine!

This tower would draw millions in itself to see the view on the Miracle Mile. Everyone would board with great anticipation into the ultra modern glass elevator to arrive at the top of the approximate 200 foot observation tower to enjoy the view, Top O The Strip! This tower was an attraction all in itself.

What remains today is the Beachtower Resort Motel across from Shipwreck Island that still operates today offering one of the best views on Panama City Beach!

The Wave Swinger Ride would be a favorite allowing riders to enjoy the Panama City Beach Ocean breeze in your hair as you take in the Miracle Mile in the air over the strip as you fly on this great swing ride.

Swing In For Great Times At Miracle Strip Amusement Park!

Here were some of the Rides and Star Attractions of Miracle Strip Amusement Park.

Abominable Snowman (Eli Bridge Co. Scrambler Inside Dome Building.)

Alan Herschell Carousel (Merry Go Round) Original 1964 initially designed with a gas engine and later converted to electric motor power. Now In Pier Park today. This ride has been cleaned up and back in service for generations to come. You can visit our Pier Park section here.

Modern Update Notice - Since the creation of this section and the huge level of traffic it has drawn. There seems to be a real renewed interest in the P.C.B. Miracle Strip Amusement Park. With the Restoration of the original Miracle Strip Park Carousel and its return installation into Pier Park and with the success Pier Park has enjoyed with this major Miracle Strip theme park attraction. The newest addition is the restoration and newly installed Original Big Eli Ferris Wheel coming into service in March of 2010. Pier Park has added the balloon race ride and a kiddie plane ride as well. You can ride them at Pier Park and the word is more rides will be following into Pier Park. We will keep you updated as we get more information on this. You can see these and learn about today's fun fun at Pier Park in our Pier Park section here.

The Bayern Kurve. (Aka Swiss Bob Music Type Ride Long Ago.)

Big Eli Ferris Wheel

The Blue Thunder

The Bullet (Eyerly Aircraft Co. Loop-O-Plane Type Ride)

Crazy Mouse (Wild Mouse Type Coaster Installed in 2002 for a season.)

Dante's Inferno (Chance Manufacturing Trabant inside of a Dome Building)

The Dungeon (Geodesic Dome With Tilt-A-Whirl, Sellner Manufacturing Inside)

The Haunted Castle (Dark Ride with Lighted Monsters behind chicken wire with lots of buzzers and noise makers)

The Log Flume Water Log Ride

Musik Express (Music Ride)


O2 Tower (18 Story, 185 Foot, 45 MPH Double Shot Drop Tower)

Route 63

Sea Dragon

The Shockwave (Aka Kamikaze or Huss Ranger)

Skyride (Vonroll 101)

Starliner Roller Coaster (Wood Roller Coaster Sold To Cypress Gardens in Orlando)

The Scenic Train

Zierer Wave Swinger (Swings Ride)

Taking The Plunge On The Starliner In Miracle Strip !

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